API - Hourly Radon added

πŸš€ Feature Release

The "Hourly Radon" sensor is now available for the Space Plus devices, and is an improvement of the short term average data that has been the only way to interpret Radon values until now. While the radonShortTermAvg sensor provides a running average of the latest 24 hours, the hourlyRadon sensor presents data processed by an algorithm which uses the data collected from the device to estimate the current Radon level. This can be useful when controlling mitigation equipment or presenting Radon levels in buildings where the ventilation or other mitigation equipment isn't running 24/7. As the name suggests, the value is updated once an hour.

We added "hourly radon" samples to the latest-samples endpoints:

... and new endpoints for historical samples:

Now, there is a new property in the response:

  • hourlyRadon - hourly average radon level