Getting started

How to get started with the Airthings API

The Airthings for Business API enables developers and partners to get access to their device- and account-data to use as they please outside of the Airthings Platform. Please read the concepts document to get a better understanding of the available data before you start integrating.

Building applications

To be able to pull data from the Airthings cloud to your application, it needs to be registered as an Airthings for Business API client. Please register a new client in the Airthings for Business Dashboard. Once created, your client can:

  • List your devices
  • List your locations
  • List your measurement segments
  • List your webhooks
  • List your accounts
  • Get information of a specific device
  • Get information of a specific location
  • Get information of a specific segment
  • Get latest values of all devices in a specific location
  • Get samples history and latest values of a specific device
  • Get samples history of a specific measurement segment
  • Add a new location
  • Add/update/delete a webhook

The read:device data scope allows access to see data from the /devices endpoints. If you want to write/post to the API, the write:device scope should be selected.

Once your client has been registered in the Airthings for Business Dashboard (with Code Flow selected as Flow type), it is possible for other users to access their data through it. To allow an app to read data on your behalf, you need to authorize it. See Authorization for details about API authorization.


All currently available endpoints are documented on API-Docs, and there's an OpenAPI spec available. The documentation is updated whenever changes are made to the existing endpoints, or if new ones are added. Changes are continuously documented in the API changelog.


You can always reach out to the Airthings for Business support team at [email protected] if you need any assistanse, or if you want to request changes or new features to help improve your application.

Consumer segment usage

Consumer customers have access to the limited read-only consumer version of the API, for personal use only. For more information, please visit Airthings for Consumer - Getting Started.