Data access

How to manage your integration clients to access the data

Service availability

All integration services are available for administrators in an Airthings for Business account. All you need to do to set up an integration client is to sign in to the Airthings for Business Dashboard and navigate to the integrations page.

Client access

An integration client's access is mostly restricted to the account where it was created, so if you want to receive data from several accounts, you need to set up one client per account. The only current option to receive data from multiple accounts using one client is to set up your API client with Authorization Code Flow - this will grant the client access to all accounts accessible by the user who's credentials were used while authorizing with the API.

Managing your Account

To be able to use and manage the online services provided by Airthings you are required to create an account. If you are not yet an Airthings for Business user contact Airthings for Business Support to setup your account.

Click the link in the email invite received from the support to get started. The account created can be used to access the Airthings Apps and Dashboard, in addition to delegating access to the device data stored in the Airthings cloud.